The Bathers

When the French Emperor Napoleon III visited a painting exhibition in Salon, he saw a painting called The Bathers. He found it was very “vulgar” and then took the whip from his fellows to severely beat this painting. This rude behavior caused great repercussions in society at that time. At the same time, this also made the painting very famous. The Bathers was made by the famous French painter Courbet in 1853. Courbet was born in Ornans town in the south of France in 1819. At the

center position of viewpoint. Vigorous modeling skills and painting expressive force showed the charm of realistic painting language. The Bathers was an outstanding work that performed the female bodies. Its painting techniques were indeed the pride of French paintings. In the whole work, the background was the dense green plants and the blue sky appeared in the corner. But it was like the photography with the false scenery in the studio before, which was intentionally arranged by the painter. Under its contrast, the women’s skin gave a rosy and healthy feeling.