Battle of the Amazons

Battle of the Amazons depicts the war scenes caused by the love of the hero Theseus and Queen Amazon Hippolyta. Two groups of people met on the bridge, one after another. The fierce battle was very spectacular. Hero Theseus travelled to Asia grams, and saw Queen Amazon and asked her to marry him. After the marriage, the hero took her home, which caused the dissatisfaction of Amazon tribe. Then Amazon tribe sent troops to attack the Greek and had an undefeated season. At that time Theseus went to the maze of Crete to get rid of the cow monster. Until he got this news, the Amazons was about to attack Athens. Theseus immediately led the army against them. Both sides fought on the bridge head
if he was able to see, they were only the two copies or sketches. On the conception of Rubens’s painting, he was not imitating previous actions. The painter is by virtue of his skilled realistic skills to make the lines and colors echo with each other and endowed with his originality.