Woman with A Black Tie

Woman with a black tie was created in 1917 by Amedeo Modigliani. It was said that the portrait prototype was his first woman, a female journalist, Beatriz Hastings. Some biographies wrote that, this was a legendary woman who could tame the arrogant artist as a docile dog. But, unfortunately, Amedeo Modigliani was addicted to some pernicious habits like alcoholism and drug taking. Their little daughter died when she was born. Finally, this legendary woman left him too.

woman with a black tie
woman with a black tie

The portrait Modigliani depicted had a unified modeling mode: mask-like face, almond eyes without eyeballs, triangle nose and small mouth and the arc-shaped eyebows.

These were all configured in the slant head. The simplistic oval face, elongated neck and skinny shoulders were sketched out by clear lines. The elongated head and slant posture were slightly skew off the center line in the composition, and sometimes in order to achieve balance, the two eyes were painted in different sizes and shapes. But the most amazing was that: the paint just used the simplistic and patterned model presented different characters and different traits vividly and at the same time conveyed the sentimental mood of him.

The picture of the painting is a woman wearing a white shirt with a black tie, she looks very mysterious and strange, embodies the unique and graceful charm of woman. This should be a willful and rakish woman, but the facial expression indicates that she is not happy. She looks a little melancholy, her eyes are very empty, her mind is low, and this paint should be the real reflection of the author’s inner world.