Appreciation to the Girls of Avignon

What did this painting wished to convey? Picasso took the prostitutes that he saw in Barcelona Street when he was young as the basis. This street was known for numerous brothels. The women in this painting were the prostitutes in this street. The painter had numerous revisions. In the sketch of this painting, a sailor and a newly admitted student once appeared. Picasso boldly painted five girl and two guys. The background was the living room or dining room. Later, after
these five naked women were set off the blue background. Blue reminded him of Gosaul’s beautiful scenery. But what the audience saw was a group of geometric variation. A woman wearing a mast was sitting in the right. When she turned around, her face was very terrible, like climbing out of the world of ghosts. But the color was like roasted suckling pig. In the left side, a woman was opening the red curtain to show her sisters’ diamond body. Her serious expression and profile were like Egyptian murals. There was a pile of fruit.